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Jul 10, 2011 9:00am PDT
who says he's got a 25 year record of being right about predictions. jon swartz and ben par are here. six books, three ipad or iphone apps, and something else. a newsletter and a website. >> yeah, exactly. six companies over the years and a variety of fields. actually more than three apps. there's a number of them that you can't get in the store, you can't find anywhere. and they're international and doing great. >> so you're work much harder than the rest of us. i used the eli lilly example of skipping the problem. that's interesting advice. give me another. >> understand whatever problem you've got, no matter what it is, that's pot it. you're smart. you would have solved it by now. you're working on the wrong one. for example, people will say i can't save money. i'm trying hard, i just can't save money. wrong problem. it's how you spend problem. change how you spend money and you'll save money by default. when i launched my first apps, i was told how are you going to be found in the apple store. and i decided to skip it, don't be found in the apple store, make every app that i rele
Jul 4, 2011 7:00am PDT
this weekend. former utah governor jon huntsman barn stormed in new hampshire, which hosts the nation's first primary. minnesota representative michele bachmann was out in full force in iowa, six weeks ahead of the state's straw poll. she is running neck and neck with presumed front runner mitt romney, according to a recent state poll, and this weekend she tried to build on that nmomentu. lesser known candidate businessman herman cain, also tried to shore up support in the hawk why state, stumping at a godfather pizza, the company he used to run. the seoul african-american gop candidate recently released this video touting his tea party credentials. >> i was in a tea party before it was cool. >> reporter: in ohio over the weekend, cain said he's gaining traction. >> if you average out all of the polls that i'm in third place behind mitt romney and michele bachmann, and they have twice the name id, i think i have the ball because as my name iid spreads, i have nowhere to go but up. >> even former president bill clinton is weighing in saying he likes jon huntsman. he believes he's authentic. he
Jul 15, 2011 7:00am PDT
leader mitch mcconnell and even jon kyl working with house republicans they're negotiating a way to get this through. one way, we're going to raise the debt ceiling. that we know and the rest of this press conference was a little bit about what is it going to look like? how many cuts are going to be involved? how much is the deficit going to get reduced and then a little bit looking back and friday morning quarterbacking. what could have worked and what didn't work. >> chuck todd in the briefing room, well done. over to david gregory across town. david, of course, the unspoken thing in washington. spoken by some, there is this block of republicans in the house that wants none of it and the republican leadership is having a tough time. >> yeah, i think that limits the scope of what's possible here. my reading of what the president is saying is i can take something that we've already agreed to in principaprincipal. we will have that fight in 2012. a lot of 2012 talk in that, brian. what republicans were not willing to do and how they were not willing to lead and where he was. that will be
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3